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Grigory BOGDANOV - UIGO Games

"We worked with this studio before on another product and so we knew we can expect a high-quality result. And so again the team was very professional, well organized, quick, and open to our feedback. They came up with an original creative direction that worked very well for us."


"Apptamin team was great. They made the process easy, offered helpful advice, and incorporated our edits quickly throughout the process. We're really happy with the videos that they created for us and love that we have a dynamic way to engage new users."


"From the first call, Nuria understood our product and style preferences quickly and was extremely responsive throughout the whole process. Apptamins experience with the quirks and requirements of each app store saved us a lot of time and potential headaches."


"The Apptamin team provided a great service and kept efficient communication across the entire video production process, explaining clearly every step and delivering the task on time. We look forward to working together on future projects."


"I highly recommend Apptamin, as they were very professional throughout the process. They perfectly answered the brief and respected the codes of our brand while being creative. We produced several videos in a short delay thanks to a good project management."


"The consistency of Apptamin’s work has enabled our marketing team to focus on new initiatives, confident that our video creative will always be high quality and available on time."


"We had the best experience with Apptamin. Highly professional account management team with super high quality production talent and expertise. Very detail oriented, great communication skills and followed feedback perfectly to create the best trailer for our game."


"Working with Apptamin was a pleasure! They delivered a fantastic trailer, with excellent planning and project management along the way. Communication was great. Trailer design is fantastic! We were very happy through the whole process and with the delivered trailer."


" Apptamin was one of the best companies I've had the pleasure to work with during the launch of MeTime. No compromise. It's a pleasure to work with such a professional company in such a competitive space. "

Jake COLMAN - MatchPoker

"Apptamin were incredible throughout the whole process. From their creativity to their attention to detail. They knew all the regulations for the stores and saw that they were adhered to, whilst not compromising on the vision for the video."

Maliha NAEEM - GiftPass

"Apptamin is one of those companies that goes above and beyond in all aspects, from creative to professionalism. They would not only answer emails on weekends and late nights, but would also send all deliverables well before their deadline."

Petra TOSNAROVA - Avast

" Very good, exceeded my expectations mainly in A/ Your client service is awesome (quick turnarounds, feedback implementation etc) B/ i liked the video itself. "

Brant CEBULLA - Vivino

" We saw a 15% boost in Google Play Store conversions after implementing the animation video you guys made for us. "

Franck COLUBRIALE - Ludia

" We work with big brand licenses and wouldn't trust any other company to produce our videos. Thanks Apptamin. "

Shi DA - 5Miles

" I Just got the result, the video helped improve our install rate quite significently. I can say that i would definitely recommend Apptamin to others. "

Nikola STOLNIK - Nanobit

" I particulary like how efficient they are. They work with light turnarounds and are always very accomodating, flexible and understanding. "

Nikola STOLNIK - Nanobit

" Our account manager is friendly and very professional (cannot stress this enough). We are very happy with her and the end product. "

Nicolò GROSOLI - Verse

" I'd recommend in a heartbeat. The work was great, speedy and professional, but also, it was just very pleasant to exchange information. Your customer care is top notch."


"Nous sommes très contents d'avoir travaillé avec Apptamin. Le rendu final est super, l'équipe Apptamin a été à l'écoute, très réactive et compréhensive."


"Les équipes sont à l’écoute, réactives et force de propositions. Le rendu final de notre vidéo est très qualitatif. Merci !"


"N’ayant pas l’expertise, nous souhaitions être accompagnés dans la réalisation de vidéos explicatives pour notre app mobile. L’équipe Apptamin nous a parfaitement conseillés, a été réactive et à l’écoute de nos besoins. Nous sommes ravis des vidéos créées !"



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You need guidance...

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We got you.

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You need a creative partner...

You know the ropes and need to scale.

You want to reduce the burden on your team and outsource your creatives in a hybrid mode or at large.




Our Team

We embrace diversity, celebrate inclusion and love what we do. We strive to fully understand the in and outs of our clients’ product and carefully craft videos that appeal to their audiences and tell the right stories. We could use more buzzwords but in short: we care.

Sabrina Kadi

Sales & Project Management Director

Apptamin Team

Pierre GRIMM

Artistic Director

Apptamin Team

Nuria Ramos

Project Manager

Apptamin Team

Didier Guagliano

Motion Designer

Apptamin Team

Marine Nozerand


Apptamin Team

Chris Cazenave

Film Director

Apptamin Team

Marie Bernez

Motion Designer

Apptamin Team

Maxence Courcelles

Motion Designer

Apptamin Team

Quentin Harrada

Unity Artist

Apptamin Team